Jay Sean is a proud contributor of the Keep a Child Alive campaign along with Usher, Alicia Keys, Katie Holmes, Kim Kardashian and many more.

• Keep a Child Alive believes that in order to win the fight against HIV/AIDS, we need to take a stand for LIFE, not
just simply provide pills.
• Keep a Child Alive believes the fight against HIV/AIDS has changed. Successful treatment requires more
than just anti-retrovirals drugs. Keep a Child Alive focuses on building the care and support infrastructure
needed in Africa and India to administer this complicated medication to sustain and give LIFE to the millions
suffering. KCA is not just about helping people merely exist, it is about giving people the true joy of LIFE.

• We are making life itself the must-have purchase of the season, the one item nobody can live without.
• The symbol for Buy Life is a real working barcode because it is the ultimate symbol of consumerism, now
completely redefined. It's a new way of looking at the "me first" attitude of buying.

• People are numb to charities constantly asking them to give and donate. But people love to buy things and they
feel good when they do. When you buy LIFE, you can really feel good, because you're actually buying something
that gives life to others.

Jay asks all his fans and supporters download the Stickybits or WiMO app to their smartphone and scan the barcode on his shirt and buy life or just to text JAYSEAN to 90999 to donate $10 to KCA. In a society enamored
with the idea of consumption, we are asking people to buy life and turn a selfish act into a selfless one. If you're not in a position to give, then please also visit www.buylife.org and familiarize yourself with this amazing charitable organization so that you can help spread the word!